The Enneagram Personality Types

The Perfectionist

These are people with a need to get things right. Perfectionists are usually critical, idealistic, and judgmental. Decisions are made with an internalized ‘single correct way’ in mind. Their work is meant to reflect extremely high standards set by themselves. Continually, they are teaching, preaching, and monitoring others. This causes others to feel nit-picked or rejected. Perfectionist fiercest anger is directed toward themselves. At their best, Perfectionists are honest, idealistic, visionaries. They have a clear vision of what should be, with the ability to direct others.

The Helper

Helpers strive to be appreciated. They give with the intention of reciprocal gratitude. Helpers are relationship oriented with an emotionally seductive attitude. Sweet and manipulative, helpers make themselves indispensable to and adored by others. This is their path to influence and seek power. Helpers have impeccable radar for others feeling, preferences, and appetites. They excel in customer services, are genuinely sensitive, and humble. Helpers serve and bring out the best in others.

The Producer

Producers are more than likely workaholics. They enjoy being applauded for getting the job done. Producers can be high performing, enthusiastic, and competitive. It is essential that they be rewarded for their achievements. Some might say that Producers are self involved and obsessed with image. They come off as insensitive, superficial, artificial and expedient. Producers are often seen merely as their resume. At their best Producers are eager, efficient leaders with the ability to problem solve and influence others.

The Connoisseur

It is easy for a Connoisseur to gravitate toward the beautiful, authentic, true and unusual. These people are romantic and melancholic. Connoisseurs manifest impeccable taste within their concerns. They look for deeper meaning underneath the surface. Feelings are what drive their decisions. Connoisseurs seem to be satisfied with the impeccable. They can seem intense or snooty. At their best they are creative and imaginable. Connoisseurs love the attractiveness, taste, and elegance in the world.

The Sage

Sages seek mastery over their personal domains. They are emotionally detached. It is said that sages observe the world from safe vantage points. Here they can stockpile facts, theories, and information. Sages do not rely on relationships but instead camouflage themselves and minimize needs. Others see them as emotionally detached, as they hide behind whatever they can find. At best, Sages are sensitive, brilliant, respectful, intense, entrepreneurs. Committed and most wizards in their fields.

The Troubleshooter

Paranoid at best, troubleshooters are preoccupied with worse case scenarios. Trust is a huge issue. They are over prepared and obsessed with what could possibly go wrong. Others may find their procrastination frustrating. Troubleshooters can be faithful, imaginative, original thinkers, intuitive, committed, sensitive, and courageous. They are known for defending their team, their boss, and themselves. Troubleshooters are terrific at pointing out pitfalls and hidden motives along the way.

The Visionary

Visionaries stay positive and keep all options open. They engage, plan, and have high energy romances. Visionaries have difficulty growing up. They are known as superficial Peter Pans. It is not easy for visionaries to consider pitfalls. Therefore, they avoid completion, pain, conflict, ordinary commitments, and routine work. Although they initiate progress they often times neglect to follow through. The best Visionaries are gifted, witty, inspirational, and charming. Their ideas and enthusiasm pull people toward them.

The Top Dog

Power and control are what Top Dogs seek. They express their feelings freely and loudly. Top Dogs are described to be domineering and blunt. They loudly seek out confrontations believing the truth often comes out in a fight. They focus on their own powers and others shortcomings. Others may be repelled by their flamboyant bullying. At best Top Dogs are nurturing of the underdogs with whom they are in charge of.

The Mediator

Mediators seek to include all people and all points of view. These people compromise easily. They can see the feelings, needs, and enthusiasms of others. Others may see Mediators as neglectful or spacey. At their best, mediators lead by inspiring others. They are warm and openhearted individuals. Mediators are naturally in touch with the flow of the group. Therefore, mediators are excellent diplomats, team builders, and boundary spanners.